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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Applied Behavior Analysis?
    Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the practice of applying the psychological principles of learning theory in a systematic way to alter human behavior. The practice is used extensively in education, healthcare, and business management. ABA is commonly known for the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), for which it is one of the only scientifically valid therapies available.
  • What services do we offer?
    Assessments Early Intervention Programs Functional Behavior Assessments Problem Behavior Reduction Programs Crisis Intervention Response Programs Discrete Trial Training Natural Environment Training Pivotal Response Training Communication Training Social Skills Training Food Acceptance/Feeding Programs Toilet Training Programs Desensitization Programs
  • When to seek treatment?
    We encourage families to seek treatment if your child - Is unable to make eye contact or avoids making eye contact with other individuals - Is unable to respond to name - Is unable to track items (preferred and/or non-preferred) - Is unable to show affection towards caregivers - Is unable to initiate and engage in play with others - Is unable to use common gestures like waving and pointing - Is unable to follow simple one-step instructions -Engages in maladaptive behaviors that impede skill acquisition
  • What Insurances do we accept?
    Current: Cigna, BCBS, Magellan In the process of becoming a in-network provider for all private insurances. *Private pay accepted also
  • What is needed to begin treatment?
    In order to begin ABA services your child will require an official Autism diagnosis from a qualified professional.
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